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Our Mission

To better connect the special needs community to social and professional networking opportunities.

Our Vision

To cultivate local opportunities for the special needs community in the Greater Savannah, GA area.

About us

The vision started in 2019 as an idea to bring people, resources, and mutual passions together for the benefit of the special needs community. It was a simple thought that started it all: "We all have Kwirkz, and at the end of the day we're all human beings. Why can't there be opportunity for us all?"


Founder, Ryan Cretens, became inspired by his older brother Tyler, who lies on the Autism Spectrum. Ryan realized at a young age that Tyler was not afforded the same opportunities that he and his friends had. While Ryan experienced girlfriends, college education, scholarships,  professional soccer and corporate gigs, Tyler was bored at home. 

Ryan decided to advance his passion for special needs advocacy through Kwirkz. Kwirkz plans to make impacts in a few key areas:

 Education | Employment | Social Life | Transportation | Housing

Kwirkz is a 501(c)3 non-profit that actively serves 100+ individuals and plans to host monthly social and professional networking events before launching an innovative tech platform inspired by this inclusionary vision. Stay tuned!

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